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2020 New Year Big discount for Nintendo switch Flashcard and 3DS Flashcard

We will do a Big Promotion from Jan.8th to Jan.18th(2020.1.8-2020.1.18), which flashcards will be On Sale, you can check the full list in this post. As we will have a new year long holiday(2020.1.19-2020.1.31) , If you need to buy one of them , please buy them before Jan.18th. So that we can send you the product you need asap.

Best R4 Card for any 3DS/DS/DSI/DSL-R4i gold 3ds plus

Original Price: € 23.99
Discounted Price: € 18.99

Best 3DS Card for any 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS XL-Sky3ds+

Original Price: € 79.99
Discounted Price: € 69.99

2020 Newest Best GB&GBC Flashcard-EZ Flash Junior

Original Price: € 54.99
Discounted Price: € 45.99

Best Payload Injector for Nintendo Switch-Xecuter SX Pro

Original Price: € 57.38
Discounted Price: € 48

Best Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch-SX OS License

Original Price: € 32.13
Discounted Price: € 25.99

Cheapest Switch Dongle-RCM Loader

Original Price: € 18.99
Discounted Price: € 16.99

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