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CFW Atmosphere and SX OS still can work with Nintendo Switch 10.0.3

Undoubtedly, the interest in hacking Switch is quite high and when a firmware update is released, many users tend to be afraid as it can break their favorite CFW. However, this is not the case with the recently released FW 10.0.3 and in this article we will also look at m4xw's efforts to bring Citra to the console!

Nintendo Switch 10.0.3 update, SX OS and atmosphere are still available. 

However, further analysis on the SwitchBrew website shows that the new firmware comes with a minor change, namely the addition of a new certification authority for a CA certificate, since it would expire in 4 days .

The SwitchBrew website also states that it does not fix any security flaws in the previous version, so if you are on FW 10.0.2, the update will likely not reduce your chances of hacking your vulnerable console that is not frozen by a software piracy. Apart from that, there is also more good news with this new firmware update as SciresM has confirmed that it is fully compatible with the current version Atmosphere 0.12.0, which means that no update will will be issued to add compatibility. A Reddit user also reported that SX OS 2.9.5 runs on FW 10.0.3.

Lately, Nintendo 3DS has been in the spotlight with the release of Citra for Android and it has also received more love from its homebrew community. Now the veteran of the m4xw scene is currently working to emulate this 9-year-old console on the Nintendo Switch, which can be considered his indirect successor.

This work was revealed yesterday after m4xw shared a chain of tweets on Twitter demonstrating the progress of porting Citra to Horizon OS, which can be summarized as follows:

In the first tweet, m4xw revealed that Citra was running natively on the Switch, although the port was in an approximate state because various bugs had to be fixed.The dynamic recompiler was also functional at this point, which is a feature instrumental to get playable performance on the Switch

Frame deflection issues have been noted but have been fixed in the next tweet

In the second tweet, it was shown that the 3DS port of the mask of Zelda Majora worked with excellent performance, which means that the problems of frame deviation were corrected

In the final tweet, m4xw reported that the OpenGL shader cache has been backported

Undoubtedly, the progress made by m4xw is quite promising but no release date has been given, but given the rapid progress of m4xw, a version may not be too far behind.

You can follow m4xw's Twitter for the latest Citra port update for the Switch. m4xw can also be supported via Patreon.

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