Offizieller Reseller in Deutschland  ! SX OS/PRO sind Jetzt Auf Lager ! 


ELEWELT|August welfare activities, Free gift for you

In the August season, the welfare activities of the elewelt store are still going on. 

Don't forget that our July event is still effective~

Buy 2 Pro  to send 16G memory card

 Buy 3 Pro to send 32G memory card
           Buy Pro to send 16G+32G memory card

To accumulate the overlay.  .  .   .   .

 Old customers and great value surprises waiting for you, free gift big delivery~

In August, we launched the event: 

When we purchase physical products in our store, we only need to choose the $0.1 blessing bag to add to the shopping cart. We will give you a very useful small gift such as mobile phone accessories, switch accessories, phone case, etc.The products are mailed to you~(Except SX OS does not participate in this event)

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>> ELEWELT S hop Summer Surprise Big Release!


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