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November is coming, a large number of exciting game works are on the shelves, but switch has recently appeared in a number of dark horse works, some of which are highly playable, and some games are still very cheap, especially suitable for friends. Play together, although the first line of the switch is worth playing, but these small categories of games can not be let go.

1:Untitled Goose Game
This is a very funny game some time ago. As a mischievous puzzle game "Tricky Goose", the foreign media gave a score of 78 points, but when it comes to this kind of game with sneak nature, in the past, everyone may It will be associated with hardcore games like "Metal Gear", "Assassin's Creed", and "Tricky Goose" is obviously a lot easier in this respect. Not only is the game style rather funny, you need to operate this goose. Complete a variety of human tasks, such as stealing the gardener's key, getting wet, stealing and throwing away.

2:Bonanza Bros
As an arcade game released in 1994, the re-enactment version has been re-launched in the switch. It has also been put on the switch last month. The game can currently play up to 4 people. The online connection is up to 2 people, and this is included in the game. 20 kinds of mini-games, mainly to test everyone's reaction ability, for example, when you see multiple people appear in the window, then it will be the problem. Which window does the last figure appear in? Also, for a limited time, you have to lay the track to get the train to the designated location.

3:Ori And The Blind Forest
This is also a game recently launched by switch, and it is actually an old game transplanted from XBOX ONE four years ago, and this book was originally released by Microsoft on XBOX ONE, but this time it was transplanted to Nintendo's game console. A rare one. This book has a high performance in terms of style, music, gameplay and even plot.

4:Super Dodge Ball
The game is currently available in the US version of the switch. The game is generally a game of music rhythm plus ball game. In this game, there is not only the elements of music beats, but also the gameplay is to press the button according to the beat, and then hit the ball to the opponent player. There are three kinds of games. In the league, there are a variety of props to improve your skills.

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