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Elewelt | Recommended switch game this week

1:The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

The game tells a world that has been split into many different sections because of the invasion of the Mozu. Nine characters whose status, status and personality are completely different have embarked on the adventure of saving the world. They will meet each other in adventure, by identity and character. Produce a variety of contradictions. Although this is an RPG work, the narrative perspective is wonderful, and it is a very good group drama, which breaks the whole story for the player.

2:Disney Tsum Tsum

A Disney-themed party-style party game featuring a series of "Tsum Tsum" dolls from Japan Disney, and a series of party games around a variety of cute little dolls. There are a lot of Disney characters we are familiar with. The Tsum Tsum toys of each Disney character are exactly the same as the real Tsum Tsum. In addition to the common downstream play of the party mode, this game also supports online online experience, so it is not so hard to find friends. I can also have a good time.


A well-dressed role-playing game, the development company was the company that originally developed PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but after some things it has now been renamed Krafton. This is a very traditional dungeon turn-based RPG. The gameplay concept and game logic are similar to the "dark dungeon". There are five huge maps for players to explore. The total game duration is more than 40 hours. I like this type of RPG. Players can try it out, there is a demo to download.

4:River City Melee Mach

This is an enhanced version of "River City Melee: Battle Royal Special", the game is still the "River City Melee" series of all-star chaos, and the chaos team has added a lot of extra forces from the original four teams, and the original The players of the four teams have made a lot of supplements. The classic moves of all kinds of characters have all returned. Those who like "River City Melee" should not be missed.

5:Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

"Trinity 4" once again returns to the traditional 2.5 exploration mode. The story connects the whole series. The knight, the mage and the thieves join forces again to fight against the nightmare world created by the prince who was rescued. The player must find and wake him before the prince is swallowed by the nightmare. The classic formula has a new level, and the playability is said to have reached the peak of the series. No new or old players need to worry.

6:Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

In the gameplay, RARE has emerged as the main team, and has a genius of ideas and ideas for 3D adventure games, to ensure that everyone will be satisfied. However, because it is an independent game team, and after 3 years of progress in 3D adventure games, it still maintains the N64 game mode development, and it will feel a little old-fashioned feeling when playing. But if you like this style, you should like this game.

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