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How to activate the SX OS when the Team Xecuter is down

After Team Xecuter website is down, Team Xecuter Office Facebook released a news :

Due to server maintenance the website including SX portal and forums are temporarily offline.
All sites will be back online in the next 24-48 hours.

April 4 at 5:40 PM

Team Xecuter Office Facebook released another news:

TeamXecuter 'Temporary' SX OS License Activation Site online!

„We apologize for the inconvenience of our main website being down. We are hard at work to have it back online, it won't be long. Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, you can use this temp site to activate your license. We will be back soon. TX etc.“

Temporary links for license activation: 

Although there are many bad news about the reason why the webiste is down on the internet and forums , but it doesn't affect the SX OS using, and I believe the Team Xecuter website will be normal soon.

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