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Nintendo Switch Firmware 10.2.0 Update| Is it safe to update now ?

Nintendo has released a new Switch firmware, bring it to version 10.2.0.  Like before, the update doesn’t add anything new. And, also unsurprisingly, the only thing mentioned in the official patch notes are “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”.

As usual, it's possible there are other, unnoted changes that the community will have to discover. But for the time being, you should not expect anything major. However, beneath the hood there does appear to have been a few tweaks made to user nicknames. More specifically, Nintendo have removed the ability to choose certain terms. 

Switch firmware updates are automatically downloaded if your console is connected to the internet. You can visit the System Settings menu to confirm that you're running the latest firmware.

The Switch is performing well very for Nintendo. By the company's latest count, it has sold 61.4 million Switch consoles and more than 406 million games. According to reports, an upgraded version of the Switch will be released in 2021.

As the switch firmware is just released, so please don't update your switch into 10.2.0 , or you only can hack your switch after the new sx os version releasing out. SX OS v3.0.4 Beta full supports the Switch firmware 10.1.0, so please keep your switch firmware 10.1.0 first. Then you can use the SX CoreSX Lite、SX Pro 、 SX OS .

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