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Nintendo switch game controller four-seater charger NS PRO handle charging base

Nintendo switch game controller four-seater charger NS PRO handle charging base Artikelnummer: DL1139

€ 18.99

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  • Output parameter: 500maH-5V
  • Charging current: 2.5A
  • Input parameters: 2.5A --5V
  • Weight: 0.18 kg
  • Product volume: 12.5 cm * 5.5 cm * 12.0 cm
Produktsname Nintendo switch game controller four-seater charger NS PRO handle charging base
Artikelnummer DL1139
Gewicht 0.18 kg = 0.3968 lb = 6.3493 oz
Kategorie Switch Accessories
Label Game controller , Switch
Erstellungsdatum 2019-08-27

For N - Switch joy - Con&Pro Controller

1. Product introduction:

Switch charging base is a special mobile charging base for small handle and Pro handle. This product can charge four Switch handles at the same time or two Switch handles and one Pro handle at the same time. Intelligent micro control technology circuit management output, rated input voltage is 4.75-5.25VDC. Input voltage range 4.5-5.5VDC can work normally.

2. Product features:

(1) adopt intelligent micro-control circuit technology to manage the output;
(2) 95% or more efficient conversion;
(3) charge four small Switch handles at the same time; Or charge two small Switch handles with a Pro handle at the same time;
(4) the two charge and discharge indicators are easy to understand;
(5) with a power switch for convenient closing and charging;
(6) beautiful appearance and convenient placement;
(7) low standby power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection;

3. Charging instructions:

(1) power charger (Switch original adapter or standard Type_C power charger);
(2) connect the charging power, and the charging indicator board displays green light

(3) when charging the Switch handle and Pro handle, the corresponding charging indicator board displays red light; When the handle is fully charged, the charging indicator board turns green.

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