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PS Classic Hack, How to install more games on your play station?

As all we know, the PlayStation Classic console is only pre-loaded 20 games and doesn’t support more roms or cartridges without hacking.Then how can we install more games into the PlayStation Classic console.

What we can do is to hack our Ps Classic. How to hack the PS Classic to install more games?

BleemSync is the easiest way to get different PlayStation games onto your PS Classic as it doesn’t require you to actually modify the files on your console. Instead, you simply load up the game files you want to play and insert the USB into the PlayStation Classic’s 2nd controller port and play. It’s still not quite as blissfully simple as that, but it’s a starting point for those wanting to get more games on their PlayStation Classic.


1. To get started you’ll need to head to GitHub and download BleemSync

2. Download the ZIP file and extract the contents to the root location of a FAT32 or ext4-formatted USB drive plugged into your PC or Mac.

3. Name the flash drive “SONY” – this is a requirement.

4. In the same root directory you extracted the ZIP file into, you’ll need to create a folder labelled “Games”

5. Inside here you need to create a folder for each game you’ll like to add to the system. Each folder needs to be numbered sequentially. Each of these folders also need to contain a “GameData” folder with a “Game.ini” file, cover art image, “pcsx.cfg” file and the game’s “bin” and “cue” files. A template for how game folders should look is located in the initial ZIP file and the GitHub page has an outline for indexing too.

More specific details on the nitty-gritty of how to format files and where to find them is outlined in the GitHub page, so make sure to read through that carefully. It also outlines how to install multi-disc games too.

7. Once done you can then go into the BleemSync directory and run BleemSync.exe. This generates a “System” folder containing a database and script to help mount the games.

Insert the flash drive into your PlayStation Classic and turn it on, the new games should be on display.

9. Make sure to not remove the Flash Drive while playing or while the unit is in use. Also, it’s not known if all games will run on PlayStation Classic without issues so don’t be surprised if you encounter some problems.

However, you do need to be careful as this process could not only break your PlayStation Classic, but you’ll need your own ROMs for the games you want to play.

The step to hack the Ps Classic is too difficult, then we think it is easier to use the true blue mini on your PlayStation ClassicTrue Blue Mini is the original PlayStation Classic game enhancer. It’sa simple plug & play device that adds hundreds of beloved PS1 games to your PlayStation Classic collection by simply inserting the dongle into the USB controller port of your console.

True blue mini installs the Best 58 or 101 PS1 games directly to the console, you can have 3 different packs to choose according to your need, each pack has different game compatibility, you can check what is all games inside the True blue mini from its official site

True Blue Mini – Crackhead Pack (64 GB )

101  of the best PS1 games included

True Blue Mini – Meth Pack (64 GB )

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True Blue Mini – Fight Pack (32 GB )

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