Offizieller Reseller in Deutschland  ! SX OS/PRO/Core/Lite sind Jetzt Auf Lager ! 


Patched Nintendo Switch can be hacked now

Patched Nintendo Switch can't be hacked by the sx os and atmosphere for a long time. Since the Team xecuter released a news about sx core and sx lite product on February. Now the product is being testing by many approved reviewers. 

The SX Core & SX Lite test and test samples are in progress!

Finally, after a long and unexpected delay due to Coronavirus, we have shipped all samples of SX Core and SX Lite today!

SX Core is compatible with all regular Switch models, whether Mariko, patched or unpatched.

SX Lite is for all Switch Lite.

All firmware is supported for standard and lite versions.

The SX OS license is included with both models.

If you are one of the approved reviewers, you will receive your tracking number tomorrow so you can track your package. Expect delivery to end this week or early next.

As mentioned earlier, all two products require soldering. With the help of this large panel of reviewers, Team xecuter will refine the installation diagrams, correct any bugs they may encounter so that you have a great experience with our product from the first day.

Where do you order sx core?

Now many resellers support preorder the sx core and sx lite, the price is the final price now , so we can arrange the shipment at the first time if you preorder the sx core and sx lite now.

As it is the epidemic period time now , if you want to get the sx core and lite very fast , please choose the Dhl shipping method, although the dhl shipping method also will be affected by the epidemic , but it will be faster than the normal shipping method with a tracking number.

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