Offizieller Reseller in Deutschland  ! SX OS/PRO sind Jetzt Auf Lager ! 


SX CORE and SX LITE Preordering Now

Team Xecuter, the originator of its SX Pro Dongle and CFW SX OS, returns to the front of the stage to announce the pre-production of its new hardware, the SX Core and SX Lite.

SX Core will be offered for all unpatched Switch models as well as patched and Mariko. And SX Lite will be provided for Switch LITE.

Although their production is delayed and it is carried out on a small scale for the reasons which concern the Coronavirus and which are the topicality of the moment, the team is looking for mass testers!

We already have quite a few names from the past, we will confirm when you email us. But as this product is quite advanced, we would be happy to get a little more help. All “NEW” applications must have references from known trusted scene members. If you don't, sorry, we'll just ignore your request.

Again it's for ALL patched consoles, Mariko and Switch Lite. But obviously, we are not interested in people with an unpatched console (take an SX Pro!)

If you want to preorder a SX Core and SX Lite , you can pre-order now, We will send the item out asap after it is out , so that you can get the item faster. If you have a unpatched console, just buy the SX OS and SX Pro .

>> Switch Lite and Patched Switch Cracked:SX Lite and SX Core comes soon!


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