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SX Core For Patched Switch from Team Xecuter Coming Soon

SX Core For Patched Switch from Team Xecuter Coming Soon Artikelnummer: DLSLK038

€ 9.99

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  • SX Core can work and hack All Nintendo Switch, pre-order accepted,
  • Now you can Preorder with a Down Payment, so once the modchip is out, you can get it very soon.
Produktsname SX Core For Patched Switch from Team Xecuter Coming Soon
Artikelnummer DLSLK038
Gewicht 0.05 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Kategorie Team-Xecuter
Label Team Xecuter , patched switch , SX Core , Xecuter Sx Core
Erstellungsdatum 2019-11-11

(^^Please pay attnetion, Now sx lite is beginning to pre-order,  please noticed that this is only a pre-order price , it is not the final price^^)

The pre-order deposit is 9.99 €!

SX CORE is for hacking Nintendo Switch patched and new Nintendo Switch 2019, it is likely to launch on the market in the year 2020. Pre-order accepted!

-It's a hardware mod, you have to dismantle the console and solder the kernel

-Compatible to serial numbers of Nintendo Switch started by XKJ / XKW which have been revealed since August 2019 and also with 1st generation Nintendo Switch patched which is confirmed by the site

From what we could tell the install looks ultra simple and almost plug and play. When pushed about the install requirements, TX held back from claiming its fully solder-less, stating clearly that this particular design will always benefit from a few simple solder connections, versus the original intent of fully solder-less (at least for the classic model which is the unit we got to inspect).

In other words, a fully solder-less install is potentially possible with the classic models however it is not recommended by TX due to long term reliability concerns (we will cover this more in-depth at a later date, once we have our preview unit in our hands and put it thru some tests)

There is one device for Patched and Mariko unit which is probably under production (see point three) and should be available soon :) They plan to release 2 devices; one for all classic versions (original, patch and mariko) and one for the Switch Lite.

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