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Stargate 3ds Flashkarte

Stargate 3ds Flashkarte Artikelnummer: DLSLK019

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€ 79.90

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  • Work on Nintendo 3DS XL(LL)/NEW 3DS XL(LL)/2DS/NEW 2DS XL(LL) from any region with any firmware
  • Support 3DS System version 11.7.0-40U/E/J/Other
Produktsname Stargate 3ds Flashkarte
Artikelnummer DLSLK019
Gewicht 0.04 kg = 0.0882 lb = 1.4110 oz
Kategorie 3DS Zubehöre > 3DS Flashcard
Erstellungsdatum 2018-07-23

Stargate 3DS, the 3ds flashcart support DS/3DS games on all firmware version of 3DS/2DS XL/NEW 3DS is on Promotion and in Stock. This latest 3ds flashcard can play all games designed for DS/3DS and will run GBA/SNES/NES/ emulators on FW V11.7, it also support NTRBoot. Buy Stargate 3ds, you can play all games in one card

3DS Stargate News 

*StarGate 3DS V2.0 is coming soon. New Stargate 3ds firmware v2.0 will be available to download and use. You can get more about Stargate 3ds V2.0 from here very fastly. (03/07/2018)

Stargate 3DS XL Features/Functions

  • Work on Nintendo 3DS XL(LL)/NEW 3DS XL(LL)/2DS/NEW 2DS XL(LL) from any region with any firmware
  • Support 3DS System version 11.7.0-40U/E/J/Other
  • Play 3DS/DS natively and GBA/SNES/NES/other games with emulators
  • Work with NTRBoothax/Magnethax to install CFW on your any console
  • In the DS Mode, you have a GUI Menu
  • High performance ultra low power SoC
  • Plug&Play to support any games, no required for complicated process and programming  skill.
  • With firmware, can be updated to support new 3DS update or new functions.

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