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Switch Lite and Patched Switch Cracked:SX Lite and SX Core comes soon!

The great news, our much anticipated SX Lite for hacking Switch Lite, SX Core for cracking all Nintendo Switch are coming nearly. The offical site Team Xecuter claims that the Preorder will start in the following week and the mass production will be soon too. So what we know on the SX Lite and SX Core? and where to pre-order the SX Core and SX Lite? You can find the answers here.

SX Lite for Nintendo Switch Lite
Team Xecuter SX Lite is the upcoming modchip exclusively for hacking the Switch Lite. It doesn’t work on any normal Nintendo Switch console, but only for the Switch Lite handheld. It’a modchip, so users needs some basic soldering skills, but don’t worry, Team Xecuter will release details user guide like they do on their other products such as the SX Pro and SX OS.

Currently, the price isn’t fixed, we can think of it like the SX Pro, so the average price maybe be around $40 to $60? No matter what, it won’t be very expensive, but with the SX Lite modchip, we can get the SX OS CFW and use it to play free Switch Games. That’s Super Good!!!

SX Core for All Nintendo Switch
SX Core is the Third SX product from Team Xecuter besides the SX Pro and SX Gear. Different from them, the SX Core can be used on all Nintendo Switch, including the patched Switch, New Mariko Switch and other normal Switch consoles. 

The SX Pro and SX Gear can not work on Patched Switch and New Mariko Switch versions, so for many Switch machine users, you need to buy the Team Xecuter SX Core modchip.

As like the SX Lite, SX Core will come with SX OS License, so it will be able to load SX OS custom firmware on all Nintendo Switch.

Latest News on the SX Lite and SX Pro

Hello friends! Just a little update before more precise information is released next week.

First as you can guess, we are suffering some delays due to the corona virus pandemic. Closed or requisitioned factories, unavailable or inflated components prices etc. We unfortunately are much behind schedule.

But good news, the situation is getting better and we will start taking preorders next week and ship the review/test samples in the following days.

To give a loose schedule, after the review samples are tested, we will probably need little time to finalize the SX Core and SX Lite and start mass production and ship to vendors so they can fulfill preorders. We are ready, again, the delay is only due to current situation which is slowly getting back to normal at our production site.

Both SX Core and SX Lite will come with an included SX OS license (as with SX Pro). CFW (custom firmwares) will also be supported.

That’s it for now, stay tune for more news, information and preorders next week. Until then.

Where to order or buy SX Lite and SX Core Europe especially for Germany?

After the SX Lite and SX Core is released about 1-2 weeks later , we will get the item in stock as soon as possible . Then you can order the item directly, you don't need to pre-order now, because you still need do the payment again even though you have paid for the pre-order ID . For Germany , Although we ship from China ,you can get the parcel about 7-10 working days via the cheapest fastest Express shipping method Yw Express Shipping.

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