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Switch (Mariko/Lite) Mods by Team-Xecuter

Accroding to a News Announced by @ub3r1337 from the maxconsole forums who is having a close relationship with Team Xecuter. He was finally able to meet with TX to have them demo to him their upcoming new products for Nintendo Switch (patched, mariko and lite). But he can't take any pictures or videos , and he also don't know the detailed releasing date for the new product. He brings some new about the new product below:

Some of the official TX resellers have already added pre-order pages which people can pre-order the new product first now like website, According to the all news from the forums and txteam, we can know the new Product can be aout about the end of this year, but we can tell you the confirming date or price yet from Team-Xecuter.

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