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Tips for using SX OS 2.9.3 to crack Nintendo Switch

No. 1
For those who receive Error Code: 2168-0002 after updating to 9.1.0 and SX OS v2.9.3 Beta, Sx Autoloader cause the problem. Delete from sxos/title/…..00FF0012656180FF.

No. 2
For those who have enhanced version Switch, Switch Lite and Patched Switch units, sorry, but SX OS V2.9.3 isn’t working on them.

No. 3
For those who can’t decide to choose SX OS or Atmosphere, SX OS is the Only one supports switch game cartridge roms-.XCI and direct HDD support. 

No. 4
For those who buy the SX Pro dongle, you are no need to get another SX OS License, the usb dongle contains the OS License Code in it. 

No. 5
For those who is worried being banned via using SX OS on your Switch, turn off the Internet, install Emunand and the stealth mode.

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