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Tx Team Released SX AutoLoader

We have not heard from Team [WAIN] for a while, and today they dropped a bomb-shell of an add-on to SX OS, a simple little file that adds a much needed feature, 'auto-loading' of all your backup cartridges, no more hunting thru lots of icons to find a game and mounting it just click on the Game Icon you want to play right now and magically the cartridge will be inserted for you, its like having a multi-CD-changer attached to your Switch console! :)

Thanks to their friends at Team [WAIN] they have released an small 'add-on' to their SX OS v2.9.2 which allows you to 'auto-load', what that means now you just find the game you have previously played on your Horizon Home Screen, click on it, and even if it is a dumped cartridge in XCI format, as long as you still have the files on your Micro SD-Card, it will now auto-mount the cartridge backup for you and launch it, no more getting upset seeing the 'insert the game card' message, then having to go to Album, launch via their SX OS menu, scroll-over and find the game, and mount it and go back.

As long as you have at least mounted your XCI image once via their SX OS menu, now you can just simply click on a XCI Game Icon and it will Auto-Mount and Launch for you directly from the Horizon Home Screen. Is that not amazing! Only one small minor note about this release, is that it currently only scans your Micro SD-Card for the matching XCI game files, and support for USB HDD usage will be coming in a later revision.

This add-on mod is simple to install also, just download SX AUTOLOADER from their 'community resources' and unpack the .RAR to the root of your Micro SD-Card, and next time you boot-up your Switch console you will be able to enjoy the Quick and Ease of playing all your XCI games without any extra 'button' pushing, just click and wait 2 seconds or less at the 'Insert Game Card' screen as the system magically finds your backup cartridge and mounts it for you all in the background and then just enjoy playing!

To see it in action check out this video below:

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