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Which R4 and 3DS Flashcard works on V11.13.0-45?

Elewelt has tested all of the below flashcards, they are playing DS games, 3DS games, Homebrews well on V11.13.0-45 consoles. Among them, if you want to choose the best R4 card, that’s the R4i gold 3ds plus, the best 3ds flashcard, without any doubt, it’s Sky3ds+.

* R4i gold 3ds plus: Works, best R4 card without Timebomb for playing DS games and installing CFW.

R4i sdhc 3ds rts: Works
R4i b9s: Works, only for installing CFW with NTRboot method.
R4i gold pro 2020: Works
R4i dual core/R4isdhc rts lite 2020: Works
R4i gold eu 3ds:Works
Ace3ds Plus: Works, Cheapest DS flashcard and without Timebomb.

Ace3ds X: Works, best DS Flashcard without Timebomb for playing DS games and installing CFW.

Stargate 3DS: Works, play both DS&3DS games.

Sky3ds+: Works, best card to buy for play Free 3DS Games.

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