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Xecuter SX OS Install Guide

Step 1:

1. Have your Switch fully or nearly fully charged.
2. Set your Switch to Airplane Mode. (Or remove the Wifi connection)
3. Turn the Switch off and remove any micro-SD card.
4: Download the latest copy of SX OS From

Note: You must have an SX OS license code to play any of your Switch backups.


Step 2:

1. Copy the Switch OS (boot.dat) file to root of your MicroSD-Card.
2. Put the card back in to your Switch and leave the Switch powered off.
3. While holding the “Volume +” press the Power Button. Nothing should now appear on your screen, the Switch is now in the RCM Mode. You will need a jig or some device to get your Switch into RCM mode. This can be as complex a 3d printed jig to as simple as a paper clip or a piece of tin foil. Search for guides on this or buy a printed jig.

Step 3:


Run the TegraRCMGui on your PC.
Go to the Settings Tab and press the “install Driver” Button and allow the installation. (This will Install the Switch RCM Driver to your PC.)
Return now to the Payload tab and connect your Switch, which should be in RCM mode, to your PC with a USB-C Cable.
Select the Folder Icon in TegraRCM Gui and navigate to the SX OS (payload.bin) file.
Choose the Inject Payload Button and your Switch should boot into SX OS.


On macOS you can simply use the web based Fusée Launcher with Google Chrome. Don’t try with any other browser as they don’t support the usb driver needed for this.

I recommend you use a USB-C to USB-C cable with your Mac for this. I also don’t recommend you use a hub – it’s best to connect directly to your Mac without a hub in between.

Select the payload.bin you downloaded and then click “Do the thing!” If you don’t see the Xecuter logo show up on the Switch screen try unplugging and reinserting the USB-C cable into the Switch and press the “Do the thing!” button again.

Note this should also work under Linux.


Download and Install Rekado

Use a file manager to find the apk you downloaded and install reekado to your device.

Connect your Switch to your phone via a usb cable when in rcm mode.

SX loader is set by default but you can add your preferred payload file.

Follow the on screen notification and click load.

Payload Sent ?

Activate SX OS

Click Boot custom FW on your Switch.  SX OS will now create a license file (license-request.dat) on your MicroSD card.

After booting, power off your Switch and put your MicroSD card back to your PC. Go to Team Xecuter’s Activation website and upload your file from the MicroSD (license-request.dat) and manually enter your License Code.

Click on Retrieve License and the download of your new license file should start.

Copy the license.dat file to your MicroSD-Card root

Insert the Card in to your Switch.

Note that you can also activate online with your Switch in SX OS without using the license-request.dat file if you prefer.

Now you have to put the Switch back to RCM Mode again and re-send the payload.bin using a method in Step 3.

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